Surprise! Here come LIL’SNAPS!

Swap the LIL’SNAPS’ head, body and legs to create a whole new character! Blue curly hair teamed with a rainbow shirt or cool rocker jacket? Short hair, a red and white spotted skirt and a pink top? Snap them however you like and express how you feel! With the help of many cute charms and colorful ribbons you can create your own jewelry and decorate, for example, a bag or jacket.

LIL’SNAPS will make you a LIL’SNAP queen! There are more than 100,000 possible combinations.

LIL’SNAPS Edition "Kids & Music" is now available in stores and consists of 42 different body parts, 42 different charm and countless colorful decorations (Note: dolls are wildly mixed in blind bags).

Have fun snapping, styling, collecting and swapping!
LIL’SNAPS – collect, decorate and swap!
Kids & Music edition